Friday, February 12, 2010

Calculus e-Book

Video about new calculus book

Learn about a new book called “calculus without limits” that’s going to revolutionize your understanding of calculus. This book uses a plain-English writing style combined with detailed step-by-step problem solutions to show you how to do calculus problems. It might be the only study guide you’ll ever need, ending frustration saving time and helping you pass calculus. It’s great as a textbook supplement, for college or AP courses, or for self-study.

Let’s face it-calculus sucks for a lot of people. Its hard and confusing, and its frustrating. But what if someone would just show you the exact steps required to solve any problem?

Calculus without limits teaches in plain-English. Its an easy to understand problem solving based review of all topics in first year calculus.

Covers limits
Infinite series and differential equations

Each section features complete step by step solutions of the same problems you’ll see on homework and exams. Here’s a chapter by chapter breakdown. Each chapter is written in plain-English, with a get-in, get-out approach to explanations, and a focus on showing you solved problems.

Chapter 1 reviews functions and graphing
chapter 2 covers computing limits
The next two chapters cover differentiation
The next chapters are packed with solved integration problems
covers definite and indefinite integration
integration by u-substitution
integration by parts
integration using partial fractions
trig substitution
integration of trig function and powers of trig functions
integrating exponentials, natural log, and inverse trig functions
then its on to sequences and series
learn the basics about sequences and series
see how to do convergence tests
learn about power and taylor series
the final chapter covers ordinary differential equations

So whats it cost? Calculus without limits is $27.Compared to your average calculus book-that can cost more than a hundred dollars, that’s dirt cheap.And calculus without limits is available for instant download-you can have it in 30 seconds, read it online or print it out.

calculus without limits

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Calculus Book Now Available on Amazon

Calculus without Limits is now available as a hard copy on

Click this link for more info:

Monday, August 31, 2009

Calculus App for iPhone

Calculus Test is a new app for the iphone that drills you on calculus problem. Test your knowledge of limits, derivatives, indefinite integrals, definite integrals, the chain rule, integration by parts, u-substitution, and more using this handy iphone app.

Tap limit, derivative, or integral and a problem is randomly selected and displayed for you to solve. Solve it, then tap "Answer" and in flash card format, the screen view flips to reveal the answer.

This simple drill program is great to help you get ready for your calculus exams, whether its college calculus or the dreaded AP Calculus exam. Also great for those who want to learn calculus through self-study.

Calculus Test Drill app for iPhone

Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Calculus e-Book

I am putting together a calculus book for instant download. This book covers first-year college calculus including

  • Computing Limits
  • The Derivative
  • Derivatives of polynomials, exponential, and log functions
  • Derivatives of trig functions
  • Product, quotient, and chain rules
  • Definite and indefinite integrals, Riemmann sums
  • Integration by u-substitution
  • Trig substitution, partial fractions, and integration of rational functions
  • Integration of trig functions, hyperbolic functions, exponentials, and logarithmic functions
  • Integration by parts
  • Indeterminate forms and L'Hopitals Rule
  • Sequences and infinite series
The approach used is to provide a large number of solved examples. The complete package is $27. To learn more visit:

Also, keep your eye out for Calculus Test, an iphone Calculus flash card iphone App that acts as a companion to the e-Book.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Energy Revolution-NOT

Randy Mills with his company "Blacklight Power" has been claiming for years he can generate power by putting hydrogen atoms in a "state below the ground state". As anyone who has studied quantum physics knows, you can't put a hydrogen atom in any energy state lower than the ground state. Its not physically possible and would violate the laws of quantum physics as we know it. Those laws have been repeatedly tested and verified to higher and higher precision over the past hundred+ years, and the theory of quantum mechanics is completely solid, so why should anyone believe this nonsense?

Apparently the goons at CNN don't care about the details of quantum theory. They'd rather get happy about Blacklight power's claim to no CO2 emissions, cheap power, 200 times more powerful than burning gasoline or coal. All based on a pseudo-scientific claim. CNN is supposed to be a news organization so they should have consulted some leading scientists in this report.

Blacklight Power