Friday, February 12, 2010

Calculus e-Book

Video about new calculus book

Learn about a new book called “calculus without limits” that’s going to revolutionize your understanding of calculus. This book uses a plain-English writing style combined with detailed step-by-step problem solutions to show you how to do calculus problems. It might be the only study guide you’ll ever need, ending frustration saving time and helping you pass calculus. It’s great as a textbook supplement, for college or AP courses, or for self-study.

Let’s face it-calculus sucks for a lot of people. Its hard and confusing, and its frustrating. But what if someone would just show you the exact steps required to solve any problem?

Calculus without limits teaches in plain-English. Its an easy to understand problem solving based review of all topics in first year calculus.

Covers limits
Infinite series and differential equations

Each section features complete step by step solutions of the same problems you’ll see on homework and exams. Here’s a chapter by chapter breakdown. Each chapter is written in plain-English, with a get-in, get-out approach to explanations, and a focus on showing you solved problems.

Chapter 1 reviews functions and graphing
chapter 2 covers computing limits
The next two chapters cover differentiation
The next chapters are packed with solved integration problems
covers definite and indefinite integration
integration by u-substitution
integration by parts
integration using partial fractions
trig substitution
integration of trig function and powers of trig functions
integrating exponentials, natural log, and inverse trig functions
then its on to sequences and series
learn the basics about sequences and series
see how to do convergence tests
learn about power and taylor series
the final chapter covers ordinary differential equations

So whats it cost? Calculus without limits is $27.Compared to your average calculus book-that can cost more than a hundred dollars, that’s dirt cheap.And calculus without limits is available for instant download-you can have it in 30 seconds, read it online or print it out.

calculus without limits


Calculus tutoring said...

Looks good. We might purchase the book.

Anonymous said...

Is this a new book? I think I bought this same book a few months ago here and the content described appears to be about the same.

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