Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Erratta Sheets

No word on McGraw Hill putting up an erratta website (at least they haven't told me about it), so in a few days I am going to post the errors I know about here as PDF files. So far we have compiled error sheets for Quantum Mechanics Demystified and Linear Algebra Demystified. That isn't as bad as it sounds because the typesetting for those two books was worse than for the others so they contain a vastly larger number of errors. Stay tuned.


Judy said...

Since I recently bought QM Demystified, I an anxiously awaiting the errata sheet for it.

jim said...

With regard to the errata sheets:
on page 59:
"the lime derivative..."???

Luke said...

Hey Dave, hurry up with those errata sheets, I've got about two weeks to work through QM Demystified.

What would have been an excellent review book is spoilt by the amazing quantity of errurs. How did it get released like that?


scorning said...

How do I access the errata sheets or the sample chapters. I used to see links, and now there does not appear to be a way to access this information. I have all of your demystified books, and really enjoy the material. thanks

scorning said...

I see the samples now, and am still looking for the erratta sheets?