Monday, January 28, 2008

Complex Variables Demystified

Below please find a sample chapter from the upcoming book Complex variables demystified. The topic of complex variables is rich and interesting enough just considering mathematics, but it also has widespread application in the physical sciences and engineering. One application is to string theory so readers of string theory demystified might want to brush up on their complex variables as well.


dolbydiggs said...

David is a prolific writer. He's writte eight to ten books on various technical subjects from circuit analysis to string theory. His knowledge base is total amazing.

The problem I've had with David's books is they tend to have a lot of erattas. The expert who doesn't need to read his book would have no problems; but if you want to use these books as a text for first time learning, I've had problems.

McGraw Hill is a wonderful publisher. They often pay professors and experts in the field to proof the books they publish. I believe David's books could use such a review. It would make his books for more valuable and many professors would recommend his books as text for the class room. This would greatly increase his sales.

I would stongly encourage David to take advantage of McGraw Hills review practice.

dolbydiggs said...

If you disagree with my comment, I strongly encourage you to respond.