Thursday, January 24, 2008

String Theory Demystified and other upcoming titles

Readers who want to continue their studies in physics will be interested to hear about several upcoming books. Recently we just finished with the typesetting of "Quantum Field Theory Demystified". This book is a sequel to Quantum Mechanics Demystified that introduces Feynman diagrams, the Dirac equation, quantum field theory for scalar fields, electroweak theory, the Higgs mechanism and a bit of supersymmetry.

I am also hard at work wrapping up String Theory Demystified. This is a tough subject and writing a book about it is a lot of work. But I think I am putting together a presentation that readers who've finished Quantum Mechanics Demystified and Relativity Demystified will really find useful. You should also read Quantum Field Theory Demystified before tackling string theory and-you might also want to know that Complex Variables is an important area of mathematics that is used in string theory. Complex Variables Demystified will also be coming out this spring to help you in your studies.

All of these books will be available soon. In all of the books I recommend other books readers can go to after the Demystified book to really get into the subject.

String Theory Demystified can be pre-ordered on Amazon at:

Quantum Field Theory is at:

And Complex Variables is here:

Still planning on doing an Advanced Quantum Mechanics book soon.

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