Thursday, August 28, 2008

The God Delusion

I came across this review, or maybe what might be more aptly called a description of Richard Dawkins book The God Delusion. Personally I find athiestic scientists amusing. While it is pretty clear from simple observation of the universe that the God of the creationists doesn't exist, at least not within their strict interpretation, the fact is science can't prove God doesn't exist. Even Carl Sagan realized this, when he said in Cosmos (to paraphrase) that the fossil record showed a literal intepretation of the Bible could be ruled out, but that a God with a more indirect temperament could not be.

I find Dawkins and his ilk to be as irritating as the creationists. Dawkins and Daniel Dennett, a philosophy professor who recently joined the God "debate" are zealots as bad as any Chrisitan fanatic. But I want to call their (and your) attention to something. There is no God debate. The vast majority of humanity believes God exists and believes in some form of spirituality. They could care less what Dawkins thinks, even though he might get a lot of attention in intellectual circles.

Dawkins analysis is pretty simplistic. He runs through the same old arguments, like the claim that religion supposedly caused a bunch of wars in the middle ages. Well let me ask you something. If Europe had not been Christian, do you think those wars would not have happened? HELLO. The wars would have still occurred, but under a different banner. European expansion would have still brought them in contact with Native Americans, and if Christianity would not have been a rallying cause something else would have.

The fact is religion gives meaning and comfort to billions of people. I'm not saying because it gives people meaning even if God doesn't exist that we should support it. What I'm pointing out is that Dawkins arguments can't touch the emotional aspect that people get out of religion and spiritual experience.

I have to say I am partial to the religious. The existence of consciousness is enough for me. I think scientists are hard pressed to explain why consciousness should arise in the universe. It doesn't prove anything, I am just saying that for me personally conscious experience tells me there is a spiritual side to the universe. And if you open yourself up-you will experience a spiritual side as well.

OK enough of my soap box. Order the book already and let me know what you think.

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