Friday, August 22, 2008

Major Ed Dames and Remote Viewing

I'm not sure why, but the term "MAJOR" seems to carry a lot of authority. Strangely this is true even though a major is not all that high rankinga among officers in the military. You would hardly consider a Major to be qualified for Secretary of State, for example, although a General might do.

Despite this Major Ed Dames sounds pretty imposing. If you listen to Art Bell or Coast to Coast, you've probably heard about Major Dames. Using tricks that most modern physicists would call bunk, the Major is able to do remote viewing. In fact it doesn't stop there-he is willing to teach you how to do remote viewing. For a fee.

Now I think remote viewing would be absolutely fantastic. Who wouldn't want to use remote viewing to see what their wife or girlfriend was doing when they weren't around? Well I think most scientists are skeptical. But does Major Dames care?

I for one leave the jury out a little bit on "paranormal" phenomena. I've actually had some strange dreams come true now and then. I think most scientists would try to dismiss it as random events coinciding, but they were so specific I didn't see things that way. And a friend assures me that Dames' program works. I may have to give it a try. Would be nice to see that state trooper hiding around the bend, now wouldn't it?


HealingMindN said...

Which scientists are you referring to? What about the scientists who were gov't funded with their research at SRI for over 10 years with further research by the CIA and other intel-ops? What about the police who invite remote viewers to help them solve cases with great success?

What about the really great minds who strive to understand psychic phenomena? The PhDs I've spoken with have very open minds about this subject because they can hypothesize how it works as opposed to the static mind of an engineer. It's difficult to find a PhD who doesn't understand the plausibility of remote viewing.

So, who are you talking about?

Thanks for your time!

GNH said...

Really that is interesting. Most physicists I've met have been pretty closed minded about it. Now I am not saying they all are, some have been interested, like Hal Puthoff and Jack Sarfatti.