Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hurricanes From Space

Getting off the Large Hadron Collider for just a bit I wanted to pull your attention to these really cool hurricane photos that are posted on boston.com. Many of these were taken by the International Space Station. The first picture shown to the left is of Hurricane Felix, taken just last year on September 3, 2007. The intensity of the storm is totally evident with the solid white cloud cover, and the eye, which appears as a dimple in the center, makes the entire thing seem kind of surreal.

The next photo is an image of Hurricane Ivan. Taken on about September 15, 2004, Ivan had winds of 135 miles per hour in the eye wall. Talk about holding onto your hat.

Here is another picture of Hurricane Ivan, taken from the International Space Station. This is a great shot, capturing the blackness of space in the background plus giving you an idea of the scope of this huge storm. The picture was taken by astronaut Edward Finke. Great job.

Saving the best image for last, here we have Hurricane Emily with the moon posing for us in the background. Wow what a shot this is-it ought to be sold as a poster if it isn't already. The shot was taken on July 16, 2005 also from the International Space Station, although the photographer is not identified.

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