Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Leonard Susskinds Modern (Quantum) Physics Lectures

Leonard Susskind (famous string theory advocate at Stanford) teaches an interesting set of courses in physics in continuing education. I will be posting some of his lectures here. I will be posting his quantum mechanics lectures. The first lecture posted here is about 2 hours long. Susskind is a great communicator, so well worth watching-especially for those interested in self-study of quantum mechanics, relativity and string theory.


Brian Holmberg said...

I have started watching these videos. If you're middle aged, and have a background in Calculus, and a little Linear Algebra, you can actually comprehend and grasp basic Quantum Mechanics. (I'm referring the the full QM courses, not Quantum Entanglements)

Note that his lecture notes are also available on the web as well.

Also the early lectures cover approximately chapters 5 - 8 in Quantum Mechanics Demystified. So the videos and the book complement each other.

Brian Holmberg

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